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SLT Laser Therapy for Glaucoma
SLT Laser Therapy for Glaucoma


Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty is clinically proven to treat glaucoma by safely and effectively reducing intraocular pressure in a single, office procedure.1,3,5

SLT can be an effective adjunct to medication therapy or used as a primary treatment to reduce or eliminate the need for topical glaucoma medications, along with their common systemic side effects.4

SLT has the potential to save your patients thousand of dollars in prescription medication costs and improve compliance.

SLT - Simply visionary!

SLT: Proven Equivalent to Latanoprost at Lowering IOP*

The Selecta II 532 nm wavelength is highly absorbed by melanin and can selectively target pigmented cells while preserving surrounding tissue. This produces a biological effect on the trabecular meshwork which stimulates the body’s natural mechanisms to enhance aqueous outflow and reduce IOP.6
*M Nagar, A Ogunyomade, D P S O’Brart, F Howes, and J Marshall. A randomised, prospective study comparing selective laser trabeculoplasty with latanoprost for the control of intraocular pressure in ocular hypertension and open angle glaucoma. Br. J. Ophthalmology, Nov 2005; 89:1413 - 1417.

Compare Thermal Effect of SLT to ALT

SLT protects trabecular meshwork against thermal or coagulative effects by selectively targeting only the pigmented cells and preserving surrounding tissue.8
ALT causes thermal injury and coagulative damage to trabecular meshwork, making repeat treatment difficult.8

Advantages of Selecta II for SLT Laser Therapy

  • Proven to reduce IOP 1
  • No systemic side effects 2
  • A single treatment therapy 3
  • Effective as primary, adjunct or repeat therapy 4
  • Safe, office-based procedure 5
  • Protects trabecular meshwork 6
  • Improves patient compliance
  • Medicare reimbursed 7


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