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Retina can be treated by the following Product Solutions:

While diseases of the retina are plentiful, the retina generally responds well to laser treatment. As clinical capabilities within ophthalmology increase, so do your options in selecting a laser. The Lumenis family of ophthalmic lasers offer treatment versatility and optimize therapeutic effect, for today's most challenging retinal procedures.

Key Indications:

  • Proliferative diabetic retinopathy
  • Retinopathy of prematurity
  • Retinal tear and detachment
  • Retinal vein occlusion
  • Age-related macular degeneration (AMD)

Meeting the Challenge of Retinal Surgery

Lumenis' line of gold-standard photocoagulators is created for the delicate demands of sophisticated retinal surgery. Designed for versatility, the family of products include the:

  • Selecta Trio—The Lumenis Selecta® Trio™ represents the next generation of multi-modality products, offering retinal, cataract and advanced glaucoma therapies in a single platform.
  • Novus Spectra—Portable, Dual Fiber Port (optional) , High-Power 532nm Diode-Pumped Solid-State Photocoagulator. Diode side-pumping technology drives 2.5 W of power from the compact Novus Spectra system, and active resonator temperature control ensures stable beam output and system reliability from your first treatment pulse of the day to your last.
  • InSight—Representing the latest in retina visualization and laser delivery technology. It successfully addresses some of the well-known challenges in ophthalmic laser delivery devices, namely clear visualization of the retina (including the periphery) and precise laser delivery to the target tissue. Whether you are performing PRP in the periphery or a macular grid in the perifoveal area, your InSight delivers performance you can rely on, time and time again.

PB-1004795 Rev A

Novus Spectra


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